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E-Books: Two books are now available as e-books and may be downloaded from this web site. The first book is the "How to ..." pictured above; and it may be downloaded from this web site ... at less than half the cost of the printed book. This means you will be able to start reading the book within minutes of pressing:

The book will still be available with conventional publishing (even a limited number of ‘signed’ copies) by pressing the Purchase tab. You may want to consider getting both the e-book and the printed book. If you have a pending building project, this is strongly recommended.

Additional guidance may be obtained with our 'online construction consulting'. We can suggest ways to proceed with your project at whatever stage you're in. The sooner we are able to help, the more savings we will effect on your behalf ... generally 25%, or more, of the total cost. In medical terms, it may be equated to a 2nd opinion. Contact by email: chas@c-c-c.ws

The second book is:

Can You Think Like An Entrepreneur?

Yes, You Can!
And, Here's How.

This e-book may be purchased for instant downloading unto your desktop by pressing a separate Buy Now Button at the bottom of this page.

Marble Quarry, in the Dominican Republic: We are preparing to mine dimensional stone by first getting a comprehensive geological survey to verify the extent of the marble deposits and its quality. Initial indications are most favorable. We will then select one of the several funding sources to initiate the mining operations.

North Shore of the Dominican Republic: Several condo complexes and hundreds of affordable homes are in the design and construction stages in Sosua, Cabarete, and Samana. The demand for the building will last for many, many years with the rapidly growing economy.

Ethanol Production, Sacramento, CA: We have the tested and proven technology to produce ethanol at a cost of 50 cents per gallon at the pump. We now seek $300 million to build our first refinery to produce 100 million gallons per year of ethanol ... without disturbing the price of corn. The U.S. Department of Energy will guarantee the investment.

Byproducts of the Ethanol Production: Two additional technologies related to the Ethanol production include Structural Composites capable of building homes, etc., for half the conventional cost and time; and an Advanced Hydroponics Accelerated Growth Food Production. By financing the ethanol production, the byproducts are also initiated.

Recent Projects ...

Upper Saddle River, NJ: A 5,000 sf stick-built expansion of an existing home.

Hunterdon County, NJ: A 6,000 sf modular home with a pool and cabana.

Randolph Township, NJ: A small, two story modular addition to an existing home.

Chester, NJ: Replaced a small home with a 4,300 sf modular home on a one acre site.

Dumont, NJ: Removed damaged home and built a 2,400 sf modular replacement.

Wayne, NJ: Stick-built reconstruction of a fire damaged florist business.

A Few Questions

What is the first thing to do for a new project (No, it is not hiring the architect!)?

Will the project cost always exceed the estimate (Probably, if you use the conventional methods)?

Is there a better way to design and build?

Do you have to sign a contract ... and is it fair?

What is Value Engineering, and will it save me money?

Do basements have to have water?

Can the design be scheduled?

Do all concrete slabs crack?

What is CPM and how will it help me?

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The Second E-Book ... may be purchased by pressing the following Buy Now Button:

Can You Think Like An Entrepreneur?

Yes, you can!
And here's how.

This book offers unemployed, or dis-satisfactorily employed individuals to pursue options favorable to both themselves and the entire economy.

Readers include almost everyone, ranging from prospective parolees to discharged executives ... as well as retired professional athletes.

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